MGID’s Role in Online Publishing

How do you start to built-up your online dream? First you create a blog or website. It’s a good website. You start to post to entertain your readers, make them interested and provide them with the best information, you can provide. And then you’re waiting. Waiting till someone will find your site in the deep ocean of the Internet, where at first it looks like one little drop.

MGID - Traffic Exchange Network
MGID – Traffic Exchange Network

The above graph illustrates the results of our WittySparks yearly partnership with MGID.

The main problem is that even with all the efforts aimed at promotion; such as using SEO & back-linking, it’s still hard to swim to the top and not to drown in the Internet ocean’s deep, dark abyss.

The story, which I am about to write, will be interesting both for active publishers, and for those of you, who are new to promoting website and blogs. It’s based on my own experience and written as a guide to successful online publishing.

This is a story about how to get more traffic on your web-site for free, in which I share my experience of using the MGID traffic network. We’ve been partners for more than a year, and this partnership has benefited me by far. That’s why I’ve decided to write about this and share my opinion with you.

MGID approached me with an e-mail last year. One of their managers suggested that I could see a 150-300% increase in traffic to my site for free! At first, it looked really suspicious. I mean, how could they give me that much traffic at no cost? At the time I was tired of trying to get more visits using traditional ways – it was taking too much time on a daily basis. After a little research I found out that MGID is a reputable company. They’re ranked in the top-500 of Alexa, they looked promising, so I decided to give them a try.

Right after the conversation with their manager, I placed a widget code on my site. Widgets looked quite cool – good pictures and interesting topics which were strictly based on those categories that I had chosen earlier.

At first there were absolutely no results, but in two weeks the ‘hits’ began to appear. For a while the results didn’t look all that impressive to me, but in a few days MGID began to send me the promised amount of traffic. All of a sudden I was seeing a 200-220% increase in visit volume.

It just started getting better and better. On some days I’ve even received up to 400-700% increase in visits based on my original traffic. Currently my site averages 260-270% over original numbers. Here are my stats for the last week of May (2011):

MGID stats for WittySparks
MGID stats for WittySparks

As you can see MGID gave me 268% traffic back in total, only for placing their widget on my web-site. Cool isn’t it? You may wonder “how it is possible?”. To make a long story short it’s made possible by the huge network of websites, which participate in web 2.0 traffic exchange. It makes it easy for MGID to give traffic back. If you want to analyze how it works in detail you can read more about it here, or surf the web for “traffic exchange web 2.0” – there’s a huge amount of buzz on the subject.

The best thing about MGID, in my opinion, is that you receive traffic from real visitors, without getting fake clicks or invalid impressions (it uses the same anti click- fraud system as Google).

Down side? Only that the rise in visitors creates a small rise in the bounce rate. But overall the results are spectacular!

Now, it seems to me that MGID and online publishing go together like a hand and glove. If you are serious in wanting to increase the traffic to your site, I recommend you give MGID a try. It really worked for me!

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