Michael Jackson-King of Pop passes away

The world of pop music and entertainment bereaved the loss of one of its most famous stars Michael Jackson aka ‘Wacko Jacko’. The star died at the age of 50 and the sad part about his death was that he was planning to make a comeback to the world of music and entertainment. Alas fate had something different in store for him! A look at the events in his life indicates that it is nothing less than dramatic! A dramatic rise to fame at an early age of 11 and then a uneventful fall to disgrace! Jackson however stood as a pillar when it came to providing hits in music and entertainment. His best selling records are Thriller, Bad, Dangerous among the others.

He may have become a bad boy after getting slapped with a couple of molestation cases and later getting acquitted but no one can take away from him the fact that he was a genius and a superb entertainer!  He entertained his fans and audiences around the world with his moves, popular among them being Moonwalk and Robot.

When he was alive he was scorned by people for his lunatic acts and behaviour and all that he was as an entertainer and a genius artist was forgotten and went into the background. But after his death now the past may have been kept aside and a silent prayer could be said for a man who showed the world the smooth moves of Moonwalk !
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King of Pop

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The famous Moonwalk

Some of his best dance moves

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  1. It is such a great loss that a man with great talent like Michael Jackson dies. RIP King of POP.

  2. Michael Jackson is my favorite pop artist ever since i was a child. He is truly the King of Pop and i am saddened by this news.

  3. michael jackson is a very very talented person to the point that he rose as a pop icon. he would live forever in our history books and memories.

  4. there would be no other King of Pop like Michael Jackson. he would always be the King.

  5. Michael Jackson would still be remembered as only King of Pop. We would surely miss him.

  6. all of my friends are Michael Jackson fans, we would really miss the King of Pop.

  7. Michael Jackson will be the greatest pop singer in the whole world. Everyone will miss him.

  8. i idolize Michael Jackson because of his great achievement in the Pop Music. farewell King of Pop.

  9. i am already a great fan of Michael Jackson ever since i was just a little kid. i would really miss the King of Pop.

  10. there is no doubt that Michael Jackson is the best ever pop music artist of the Centruy~`:

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