Microsoft Computing Safety Index asks – Is your PC safe?

Is your computer safe from all possible external harm? Think again! Because if you are not sure, then it’s time for you to take a look at the innovation of Microsoft, which will protect your PC from all the external threats known to man.

Microsoft Computing Safety Index warns you of your computer's safety!
Microsoft Computing Safety Index warns you of your computer’s safety!

The Microsoft Computing Safety Index is complaining that many consumers today are not taking care to protect information as much as they should be.

Before we move on to further analysis, let us first look at the statistics available to us in the below info-graphics.

According to the Microsoft Computing Safety Index, only 34% of the people use Computer Safety Mechanisms, while a large portion of the population, constituting 44%, use mobile safety mechanisms. The percentage of people running software updates on their PC is 33%, and those having regular updates is 34%.

The use of secure websites is popular among 33% of the consumers, while 32% avoid using free WiFi. There are two kinds of problems that may b faced by users, attack by viruses and identity theft. Let’s first analyze the former and then move on to the latter.

Second Annual Microsoft Computing Safety Index

Moving over to the second problem that I mentioned earlier, users often face what is termed as Identity Theft. The attack of the virus on their computer is the cause of concern for as many as 40% of the users, but there is another group of 43% of the users who free themselves from this worry by installing antivirus to their PCs. Now, isn’t that a clever move?

Once again, only 34% of the people are concerned about this problem. 44% who are aware of this problem have a security pin to their mobile phones. Of these, only 46% percent of users are anxious to keep learning about new security methods.

So what are the safety measures you need to adopt to have a problem-free PC or a mobile? This can be understood only in four simple steps! Always remember to lock your computer or mobile with a strong password and personal identification numbers or pins.

Step two in your safety measures would be to secure connections for important financial transactions such as paying bills, banking, shopping, and so on. This will prove to be a beneficial step in protecting your device.

The next important step towards the safety of your device would be to use automatic updates. This will prevent snoops from discovering your password by look at the screen or your fingers while you type.

Lastly and more importantly, reduce your inbox spam to the greatest extent possible. So hoping that the information will be helpful to you, I assure you that if you follow these simple steps, you can live with problem-free devices for the rest of your lives.

Microsoft Computing Safety Index trying to create Safer Internet Day (Feb 05)
Microsoft Computing Safety Index trying to create Safer Internet Day (Feb 05)

More information about this MCSI can be found at Microsoft Safety & Security Centre.

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