MillionShort – a revolutionary new Search Engine!

How many of us have gone beyond the first page when searching for something in a search engine online??? Well, I can safely say that the answer is none! That’s because we don’t have the patience or the time to keep on searching the results beyond the first page but what it does is, we have the same boring search pages every time no matter which search engine we use!!!

MillionShort - Imagine a search engine that simply removed the top 1 million most popular web sites from its index
MillionShort – Imagine a search engine that simply removed the top 1 million most popular websites from its index

But thanks to MillionShort, a Toronto-based site, all that’s changed, how? Well, ever wondered if a search engine removed the top 1 million popular websites from its index, what would you discover?? That’s exactly what MillionShort does; it removes the top 1 million searches and uncovers for you the hidden treasures that lay 1 million pages below.

Million Short It On!

According to the creator Sanjay Arora: “MillionShort is an experimental web search engine (really, more of a discovery engine) that allows you to REMOVE the top million (or top 100k, 10k, 1k, 100) sites from the results set. We thought it might be somewhat interesting to see what we’d find if we just removed an entire slice of the web. It’s novel in the sense that everyone’s so used to see Wikipedia,, Facebook and LinkedIn when you search for things, It’s the Web through a different lens”.

Despite the infinite scope of the web, it still seems like a small place these days given the fact that most search queries return results from a limited number of websites like Wikipedia, LinkedIn, etc. But MillionShort gives you the power to excise the top 10, 100, or even 1 million sites on the web from your search results.

With many websites, these days using SEO tactics the search queries for certain topics are loaded with dummy websites with no relevant content. Another plus point of using this search engine is discovering new content, run-of-the-mill and redundant data is what shows up in the top results of most search engines which is why MillionShort gives you a fresh approach and new perspective to finding new and fresh information simply by eliminating the top couple of results.

MillionShort is getting rave reviews from all the popular tech sites like TechCrunch, The Verge and according to TechCrunch, The community at developer-centric news aggregator and discussion site HackerNews has had a pretty big response to MillionShort: The post about the site garnered nearly 200 comments in less than 24 hours.

Though it’s pretty basic stuff, however, the underlying idea is powerful as there’s quite an appetite for discovering new things from the web. And that’s what MillionShort is all about; it digs deep into the depths of the web to give you a fresh perspective!

Why not take a MillionShort It On! Challenge and let us know your thoughts about this new MillionShort concept?

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