Mirchiplex – A quick Movie Rating or Review site

Before we plan to watch a movie, we always want to know the rating the day movie got released in theaters. Just to find the critic ratings, reviews many does Google but they end up with some articles, news, videos or wallpapers etc., but not the exact ratings or short reviews that he/she is looking out for or we call our friends who watched the movie to find out how the movie is? etc.

Mirchiplex.com - A Hot Movie Rating and Review site
Mirchiplex.com - A Hot Movie Rating and Review site

Mirchiplex.com wants to answer your quick question – Is the movie good?

Mirchiplex created a service that makes this easy and fun, they aggregate all the critic ratings and combine the same with their community ratings to tell us how good the movie is. But not only the critic ratings, Mirchiplex wants every one to come back and share our comments, reviews with our own rating and share the review with our friends via Facebook.

Was just wondering, why only Facebook? – why not Twitter, Google Buzz! or Orkut? – Here is their response for it. Would be very user friendly if they give an option to share the movie reviews with Twitter, Google Buzz or Orkut etc.

And how about the Mobile version? – Since this is a tiny tool this would make this service more popular.

As you all know we have many sites with separate page on a particular movie including News, Photos, Reviews, Videos etc. But what matters is a quick and personal opinion/review on a movie.

Since they just closed the beta participation, Mirchiplex team gave us an early access to have a glance at their cool service and they also gave our lovely readers to access and join their site before launch.

I feel its a good start by Mirchiplex and we the team at WittySparks wish them all good luck on their launch.

You can click this Mirchiplex.com link for full access to the site. And why don’t you drop your opinion on this site, would be helpful for the Mirchiplex team to enhance their site and make it bug free before they launch.

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