modern.IE – Cross-browser testing tools for Web Developers

modern.IE is a site released by Microsoft which provides a set of tools which helps your website to support modern and older versions of Internet Explorer. Where one can scan a webpage to find common browser compatibility problems and helps you to resolve them by stating related solutions.

Web site testing made easy in Internet Explorer with tools from modern.IE
Web site testing made easy in Internet Explorer with tools from modern.IE

modern.IE also offers various virtual testing tools by which you can test your site for compatibility from any browser from a Mac or Windows PC. Its hosted (a cloud based virtualization service which can bring visual testing of your site directly on your browser and locally managed virtualization can help to provide quick access to various browsers.

There is a special offer on Browser Stack, one can get three months free testing opportunity and also provides add-ons for Chrome and Firefox which integrates BrowserStack testing into your browser. Also helps you to standardise your site and build modern sites while supporting old versions of IE with the following tips, which includes Cross-browser fundamentals, HTML basic tips, CSS rules, JavaScript tips to improve performance by Dave Methvin and Rey Bango.

Look what developers are saying about modern.IE:

So go and test your website live on modern.IE site, figure out the issue and download the available Virtual tools to resolve the issues.

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