Multi-Millionaire Reality TV families

We live in a world where we want everyone to know many things, but shield a lot of the truth from them. It’s a big task to put up a status on Facebook, or tweet something without having to give too much information about our lives. No one likes unsolicited attention, unless it will make you richer than you already are, or just a millionaire from rags.

Reality TV shows-guilty pleasures for viewers and money makers for the cast!
Reality TV shows-guilty pleasures for viewers and money makers for the cast!

The reality TV shows of today’s time are sometimes too open for comfort; these shows are usually shallow and provide great entertainment. While some shows are better than others, here are two that have made these families rich beyond their own expectations:

1. Keeping up with the Kardashians

The new age Brady bunch, following the lives of a huge family. What started off as a great idea from Mom Kris Jenner now has created a multi-million dollar business empire. The show has aired 7 seasons and signed on till 9, many spin offs too came out of the success of the show. The cast/members of the show have now successfully launched a variety of businesses and gained fame worldwide.

There’s definitely something they owe to this reality show idea. The key to this particular family is their moms super business mindedness and sense of management. They family sticks together and brings everyone up, regardless of what talent each one possesses. Members of the family also produce the show, increasing their earnings per season!

2. Giuliana & Bill

Another reality show following the lives of E! News host Giuliana Rancic and Bill Rancic the winner of the first season of the hit reality show The Apprentice. Their married life and the hurdles they’ve had to go through, they are an inspiration for many couples across the globe. The two already were famous before starting the show which is now in its fifth season. The reality show has given them an extra push and given them more fame.

The concept behind such shows is the buzz they create when two people already in the public eye are shown together in their regular lives. As it is we live a life of the great imitation, with celebrities we want to know the inside details of their lives and how they live, and how they on a regular basis deal with real life situations. The hype is almost already generated, but hits a new high with two peoples fans watching the show!

There have been many such reality shows that have failed, the effect that the shows content has on the audience plays a concrete role in its success. These celebrities have a thrifty way of dealing with their money, they invest and start producing an array of shows, they know fame doesn’t last forever and when age takes its toll on their pretty faces, the channels will eventually ditch them. And so they keep their money in circulation, trying to build as many possibilities of generating more income while they can!

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