Mumbai Terror attacks, resilience to what extent?

The recent spate of attacks on Mumbai that took place on 26th of November has left an entire generation of Indians and people around the world scarred. The siege lasted for over 50 hours and left close to 195 individuals dead.

Mumbai Terror Attacks - INDIA
Mumbai Terror Attacks – INDIA

The prime targets during this attack were Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel and Nariman House. Those who succumbed to the bullets and grenades of the terrorists primarily comprised of residents of the hotel, hotel staff, civilians and residents in Nariman House apart from the cops and anti terrorist quad personnel.

Visuals of terrorists proceeding to CST brandishing their automatic weapons to devour innocent civilians have been etched in the minds of countless Indians who after all the attacks have shown signs of waking up.

The degree of damage inflicted on Taj Hotel, one of the prime and heritage buildings of Mumbai reflects the antipathy which the terrorists bore within them. This coupled with the ruthless carnage of people in the form of indiscriminate firing and hurling of grenade inside the two hotels sums of the intentions of terrorists.

Nariman house was targeted owing to its Israeli connection and the inhabitants of the buildings too were not spared. They were tortured and killed as per the instructions served to the terrorists. The victims included the couple Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg who ran the Chabad House which is a prominent location for the Israeli population in the city.

All the attackers were killed by police and NSG commandos barring one who was captured alive while spelling destruction along with his partner the same gory night.

For Mumbai this is not the first time, the city has seen several before this attack on its soil. There were the Hindu Muslim riots in December 1992 and January 1993 which were followed by the March 1993 blasts that ripped the city and its peace apart into shreds killing numerous innocent civilians. Then there were the July 11 2006 series of explosions in the local trains of Mumbai which are its lifeline. But on this unforgettable day, the lifeline was used to spread destruction and havoc of the highest order which left close to 200 people dead and many injured.

If one has a look at the dates of Terrorists attacks one would even find a pattern!

13 May ——– JAIPUR


26 July ———— AHMEDABAD

August ————NA—————

13 September ———— DELHI

October ———-NA—————

26 November ————— MUMBAI

December ——–NA(hopefully)——————–

13 January —————– What Next?

The ‘What Next’ is the big question that the Government faces at present. The execution of the Mumbai attacks has revealed loopholes in several aspects of governance which were exploited and used against the country. Such loopholes such as security issues at prime locations and suspect areas of targets would have to be beefed up. Also mechanism to share information between various agencies would have to be undertaken to ensure that all movements on terrorism front are monitored.

Over and above everything , the recent attack on Mumbai has led to an awakening, both for the system and for the people of the country. After every blast the resilience of Mumbaikaars was praised and in turn was taken for granted. Following the aftermath of this attack, there was anger and resentment among people who felt that their resilience or rather their helplessness was being mocked at time and again.

It was felt that the time has come for some action, both from the people and system. People observed a protest march in different parts of the city to remind and send a message across that no one can take them for granted and that the system needs to gear up for such attacks in the future. In plain words, the lives of the civilians comes at a cost and the system needs to realize this aspect.

Killing innocent people cannot be a solution to a problem or an issue. Issues need to be solved peacefully. By perpetrating terror through violent acts, it only gets worse. Like the law of Physics which says that every action has a equal and opposite reaction, the same could be extended to this recent attack and hope that the system gears up to avert such attacks in the future.

Need A Peace India
Need A Peace India

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