Mumbai Theatre Guide – Bridging the cultural gap

Mumbai Theatre Guide Mumbai Theatre Guide ( , an online portal catering to promotions of plays in Mumbai. The site is the first online media company to use Internet extensively for the promotion of the different language plays that happen in Mumbai. It is also the only site in India dedicated to promotions of plays.

The site covers English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi languages. The site provides latest happenings about the theatres, play reviews, synopsis, interviews, artist / theatre groups’ profiles and details of various Theatre workshop happening in the city.

Another major feature is the unique play schedules search. Theatre lovers visit the site to check out the latest happenings. A theatre lover can find out the schedules by searching on various parameters like Language, Venue or genre of play.

The site has a powerful subscriber base. The weekly email newsletter “Theatre Bytes” helps the subscriber to follow theatre from anywhere. The site beliefs in encourages young talent and experimental theatre that is avant-garde or thought provoking but which may not necessarily have the backing of publicity and finance.

“I have always loved theatres; however there was a huge vacuum for information about plays on internet. The industry is unorganized and the only source of information is newspapers, which just carry ads and theatre listing. We tried to create a platform to bridge the gap. We will shortly starting all India Operations and cover theatres from all across the country” says Bhavik Shah, co-founder – Mumbai Theatre Guide.

He adds, “There’s a huge demand for good Indian plays across the globe. NRI want to stay in touch with their roots and plays provides just the right medium to culturally connect to their roots. We help event organizers to source plays from Mumbai and we have been instrumental in opening new avenues for performances and have successfully coordinated more than 100 shows across in Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Dubai, Singapore, US, UK and various cities of India.”

The site receives an average of 10-12 show hosting enquiries per week from event organizers, event management companies and corporate houses.

Look out their website for more details

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