Mumbai to get a unique asset to be proud of – The Imperial Tower!

Imperial Tower Prototype

Mumbai, the home of tall buildings, is all set to add a new name to its list. I won’t be wrong in saying that it is on the verge of becoming India’s Manhattan! The name you are waiting to hear is Imperial Towers.

To describe it further I would say that it is 116 stories and 400 meters tall building. This will make you aware that it is the tallest building in the city that its dwellers take pride in. Let us now take a look at the interiors of the building.

Imperial Towers being 76,272- square-meter, includes 132 residential units of between 195 and 1,115 square meters, along with serviced apartments of between 72 and 252 square meters. If you choose to live in any of the upper stories, you have the advantage of the Arabian Sea view.

It looks like the architect has considered all aspects while constructing this unique building. To start with, the exterior wall provides a strong visual contrast with the heavy masonry cladding of most surrounding buildings. Another added advantage of living in this building is that you can ward off the heat with ease.

These are not people. There’s more coming your way. I’m sure you never heard of an eco-friendly building. So here’s something new for you. The process of water treatment adopted in this building is unique and unusual. This has been made possible by a facility that allows blocking heat gain and diffusing direct sunlight in the hot and humid climate of Mumbai. Could you take a look at how it works?

Imperial Tower Competition Prototype
Imperial Tower Competition Prototype

Water from mechanical systems is collected and treated as greywater; rainfall is also collected for reuse by the units. High-efficiency mechanical systems, a green-wall podium, and native plants in the landscaping and sky gardens also add to the project’s sustainable performance.

I’m sure the Imperial Tower matches with the dream house of many of us. I’d be lying if I didn’t include myself in this group. If this is already a lot more than what you can expect, then you’ll be taken by surprise when you read further.

AS+GG is also exploring a plan for kitchens and bathrooms to be pre-fabricated, possibly at a nearby mini-factory that would train a new local workforce. Can you ask for more? What are you waiting for? Move into your dream house today!

More information can be found from the official site at

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