Mumbai…We are there for u..

A series of blasts rocked Mumbai today evening killing over 137 people and leaving the city in a state of shock and awe. Mumbai has seen such condemnable acts of terror in the past and it is evident that these blasts are the mind-work of a large nexus as the nature reflects terrific planning and execution.

The people of Mumbai time and again have bounced back giving a benefiting reply to the intentions of anti social elements and terrorists who try to strike people in their hearts with terror.And again this time, the best possible way to reply back is by maintaining solidarity and showing resilience as mumbaikars have always done in the past.

A HORRENDOUS ACT of violence such as this needs to be condemned by all as no religion preaches killing innocent people to preach its teachings or cause. Its the deformed and twisted interpretations of texts by a few to derive mileage for their cause that leads to acts of violence such as this. As the saying goes, its the sin that needs to be condemned and not the sinner.

Though the causes of the blasts have not been disclosed, what ever they maybe, its the core that one needs to address to ensure that in future, Mumbaikars and people in other cities lead a life devoid of insecurities and fear.

As of now, India and every Indian stands by Mumbai and Mumbaikars, condoning these dastardly acts and extends its solidarity to the cause of the people of Mumbai.

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