MWE Lab presents the Emperor 1510 LX – now available for pre-order

If you are a tech geek, and are sitting on a gold mine; investing in hi-tech gizmos and work stations would be great fun. The MWE lab have been in the News and updates on Business of creating the sharpest, most sci-fi looking work stations since 2006. But now they introduce the Emperor 1510 LX to the addictive users.

A luxury piece of art - Emperor 200 & Emperor 1510
A luxury piece of art – Emperor 200 & Emperor 1510

Calling these creations of art a chair would be utter disgrace, these epitomize working easy and being able to completely immerse yourself in work. Martin Carpentier is the soul behind the design and News and updates on Technology of these hi-tech work stations. He’s made two since 2006 the infamous Emperor 200 and Emperor 1510, and over 200 workstations have been already sold. It was the relative success of the Emperor 1510 that led to the designing of the new Emperor 1510 LX.

Emperor LX – Test procedure

“The best of both” is what Captentier calls it, “It’s the high-end of luxury, but it’s less expensive than the 200,” Carpentier said. The features of the Emperor LX are subdued when compared to the Emperor 1510, but it is a more affordable middle of the two. It’s priced at $21,500 minus options, it comes with a powder finish, and the frame is made of steel which makes it heavier (it weighs in at about 225 pounds), but good in terms of supporting up to five monitors. And maybe the most practical feature on this one is the cup-holder!

The amazing workstation is available for pre-order. Although the company for the most part sells directly they are entering the retail market and the 1510 is currently on sale at some Fry’s News and updates on Electronics stores. About considering the retail world Carpentier says that it’s not the ideal option for them; “The product is too expensive for their market. Maybe we’ll introduce a new workstation with a better price. But for now our focus is on the 1510, LX, and 200.” He explained. Do you think something like this can fit into your budget, or do you even need a work station that is to technologically driven?

Content Source: arstechnica

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