My FameBook wants to print your life!

There you go, few days back I was just explaining the difference between Facebook and Twitter to one of my friend. I just explained my friend in short that, Twitter could be a Mini Diary of our life if we use it effectively & timely and Facebook will be the social tool to get connected with the friends for the life time.

I hope you all know why I said Twitter could be the Mini Diary of our life, yeh Twitter is so cool and tiny tool to share the updates instantly via mobile or PC or any other gadgets with just a click and people share their daily activities or updates or status etc. in time.

MyFameBook wants to print your life!
MyFameBook wants to print your life!

So how it could be a Mini Diary?

Can say its an online Mini Diary, with the available APIs once can grab all the tweets or conversations in Facebook in a single or multiple pages. You can even create your own online Mini Diary with these available APIs, that is what is doing. This service will grab all your tweets and conversation in Facebook via available APIs and selects the best of them to fill the 320 pages and prepares a book with a single tweet or status on each page.

Right now this service is available for Facebook called MyFameBook and Twitter called TweetNotebook, I hope once the Buzz is stable BuzzBook may also come into picture :)

With Famebook for Facebook you can create a unique and personal notebook in seconds. At the bottom of each page, you’ll find 1 post from your Facebook-feed. If you want, you can include posts from your wittiest friends.

With TweetNotebook you can create a unique personal notebook or can call it as a Mini Diary in seconds. At the bottom of each page, you’ll find 1 best top or popular tweet you’ve posted on twitter.

Try it out. Just connect with Facebook or Twitter and they’ll automagically create your notebook. And then it’s up to you to personalize your book as you wish.

But as Techcrunch pointed out, will there be some copyright issues here? Because here one can print the users pics, statuses etc. without their permission? – Sounds like being in Social communities is more dangerious these days – like we had some security issues in Google Buzz when it launched but it is in full control now.

If you ask me this will be a good service for the one who wants to present or gift this notebook to some best friend by including only their conversations, instead of others. Sounds cool right :)

So folks are you ready to get your Notebook?

Be Social? – Be Carefull :)

Let me know your opinion about this interesting service.

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