Narrato launches the new Lifestream app with cloud sync!

Readers! You surely don’t want to give a miss to Narrato’s new Lifelogging or Lifestream app, take a look!

London’s digital start up Narrato proudly announces the launch of its newly created app the Narrato Journal which will allow users to connect with the wide world through a number of platforms including social networking sites.

Narrato - The ultimate journaling platform
Narrato – The ultimate journaling platform

Its range also ropes in Foursquare and Instagram into its range. What’s unique about this app is that it comes with a safety valve called “personal cloud” allowing personal data to be managed safely. Its makers suggest that having this app will information available in one place and exportable for users to manage and save, creating an extremely rich picture of the user’s activities. This app will definitely take its users to the level where they can lead an extremely simplified life.

Its creators ask their customers, what if you can work offline? Yes! That’s true… Users can update their lifestream even without internet connection, then when the app is online again, all data is synced and updated. With additional cloud sync backup, all entries that a user makes are safely stored in the cloud at all times.

On the occasion of their most ambitious launch Tony Million, founder of Narrato, said: “We have big goals at Narrato to bring a simple way to log and manage all your personal data. By having all your data in one place it can be made more useful and you can learn from it, like how to be more productive, sleep better or when you are most active.”

This app can be best used by those who love to spend most of their time online. Now with this amazing app on your phone you can update as often as you want. The frequent usage will make the app more intuitive leading to it being able to answer questions such as “Am I happier when I exercise?”, or “How much sleep do I need in order to be the most productive?” This gives a personal touch to an app that belongs to an entirely mechanical world.

The app costs £2.49 ($3.99 US) which comes with one year’s unlimited secure cloud storage for all photos, tweets and other data and full functionality of the app. Users have full ownership of their own data and can delete or export it to another platform at any time. Isn’t that great? I don’t think any smartphone user can think beyond this to ask for more. The app is available now, available initially for iPhone and soon it will be launched for Android too, with other devices and operating systems due out later in 2013. So hurry up and buy it as soon as it’s made available!

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