Natalia Project Bracelet protects Human Rights Activists

Civil Rights Defenders in Stockholm have launched the Natalia Project, named after the Human rights activist who in 2009 was abducted and murdered in Chechnya. The idea is to protect those who have a raise voice for good causes, basically they’ve come up with an electronic bracelet that sends a pre-programmed text alarm if activated or forcibly removed.

Natalia Project - Human / Civil Rights Defenders equipped with bracelet
Natalia Project – Human / Civil Rights Defenders equipped with bracelet

A total technological innovation for a good cause here, this bracelet works as a wireless assault alarm, which immediately will draw attention to any assaults on human rights activists. The concept is to protect the wearer, so in an event if an assault he/she can send an alert. And if the Bracelet is removed by force it automatically sends alerts. The bracelet has GPS and GSM technology and that the bracelet is programmed with “individual protocols for security.” The Natalia Project organization explains that if a distress signal is activated, it sends a pre-written alert to tell nearby volunteers to respond, as well as to Civil Rights Defenders HQ in Stockholm. The message also includes a timestamp and the location based on mobile phone triangulation. The Messages about the assault and recommended courses of action are delivered to those who’ve signed on to the project via SMS, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Once the messages are received the expectation and hope is that it will bring instant attention and allow the public to bring pressure to bear on behalf of the victim. It will get everyone who cares together to fight for the activist.

The Natalia Project The first assault alarm system for human rights defenders

The Natalia Project encourages people to sign up using Twitter or Facebook to receive weekly updates on the project as well as becoming part of a global alert network. This is a great way to help people who are fighting for human rights.

Image and information courtesy: Gizmag

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