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Title sounds strange and might be interesting :), but thats true.

I was just surfing one of my favorite site and found something interesting today, the Negative number “-1 views” of views and “NaN.00%” for one of my site news item or article, here is the snapshot of the same. Negative and NaN problem

Hmm.. well, this is something strange that happened and hope team takecare of their Algorithm and would be very interesting to know how it happened :)

A few days back I even observed that the page or article views were cut down. I sent them a mail and but received the reply saying wot occurred was due to some work they were doing in their algorithm! They acknowledged that they would correct the same based on our article traffic etc.

Apart from this, I like the way they are coming up with some good and interesting concept.

Good luck to team :)

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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