Neptune Pine puts all smart watches to shame

Smart phones and smart watches have been in for quite a bit of time now. And the users are more and more interested in the most happening, and most practically portable gadget. Neptune Pine is a smart watch like no other, if you own one of these you can actually leave your phone behind at home!

Neptune Pine: world’s first independent Smart Watch
Neptune Pine: world’s first independent Smart Watch

The Pine has a micro-Sim card slot, once in the smart watch can measures all of your health information, like heart rate, pace, calories burned, distance, and your position. The most exciting feature of the product is the fact that it works as your phone too, you can make calls, browse the web, check your e-mails, be in sync with your calendar events and not worry about carrying your gadget. Especially since the screen sizes have started to increase the phones are become too delicate to go out jogging with.

The product features include quad-band GSM, 3D, 802.11 WiFi, a USB 2.0 connection, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0. Pine also has a built in digital compass and FM radio you can also listen to your music library. With all these awesome features, the company has not forgotten the Camera on which our social networking life depends. Even though the Pine a humble 3.2-megapixel camera, it fair enough for a tiny little product that is taking care of so many other things.

Neptune Pine Smart Watch:

The Neptune Pine runs Android 4.0, and is priced $395 (Excluding shipping). The product will be available for purchase toward the end of the year. The smart watch is available in what appears to be only basic colors i.e. black and white and grey.

The fact is there are other smart watches lurking around these days like the Pebble and the Sony Smart watch, but Pine is taking everything to next level with the Micro-Sim feature. The product also looks chic even though priced high compared to others, it promises to deliver some services that no wrist watch can for sure as the website defines it as ‘The world’s first independent smart watch’. Now the big question is; are you going to order the Neptune Pine and is it something that you the actually need in your life?

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