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Yahoo! oneSearchYet another move from Yahoo in Mobile Services.

Mobile search that works! Yahoo! oneSearch� is now available for internet�enabled phones. oneSearch results are delivered to you in a new, breakthrough format that redefines search for the mobile phone. It�s all about getting instant answers with just one click�no need to sift through a bunch of links to find exactly what you�re looking for.

Looking for a new camera? oneSearch gives you what you need to make the best choice including product reviews, images of different models and where to buy. Tracking a hot stock? oneSearch gives you the important info you need to stay up to date including stock quotes, company news and the latest products.

oneSearch results are easy to read, scroll through, and expand when you want more information�like more images to view�with a single click. You don�t have to �feel lucky� to be lucky every time with oneSearch!

The company recently announced that they are recruiting publishers for its oneSearch mobile search services.

As stated in New York Times Yahoo to offer a Network for Web Ads on Cell phones. The company is planning to announce a mobile advertising network that will allow various markets to place ads not only on its mobile serices, but also on those of other online publishers.

Read more about oneSearch on Business Wire – “Yahoo! Opens Up oneSearch to Mobile Publishers”

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