Nintendo set to release Wii U this November!

All the gamers out there can rejoice as Nintendo has announced the release date for its latest offering the Wii U. During the Wii U preview event in New York the company has announced that the system is scheduled to release in November and it will be available from November 18th in North America.

Waiting for Nintendo Wii U Live Experience?
Waiting for Nintendo Wii U Live Experience?

The system will be available in two configurations, the basic set will have an 8GB memory and includes a console, a gamepad, an HDMI cable, a sensor bar, and an A/C adaptor and costs the US $299 while the deluxe set will have a 32GB memory and includes all that is in the basic configuration plus a GamePad charging cradle, a stand for the GamePad, a stand for the console and a copy of Nintendo Land.

The Deluxe set also enrolls the purchasers into a deluxe digital promotion wherein you get points for every digital download you purchase which you can redeem against future digital content purchases from the eShop. The deluxe set can be bought for us for $349.99.

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Another good news is that on its debut the Nintendo Wii U will be available with a line-up of 23 games. Nintendo said in a press release on Wednesday, “these games make for the largest launch-day video game lineup in its history”.

The games which will be available the day the gadget arrives are Nintendo’s own “Nintendo Land”, “New Super Mario Bros U”, Ubisoft’s highly awaited “ZombiU”, and “Assassin’s Creed 3” and Activision’s “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”. The company is making sure that there are plenty of games available when the new gizmo hits the market, which has a touch screen tablet-like controller.

It’s an important move on Nintendo’s part and the company is under a lot of pressure to make the product a success and is trying to avoid the mistakes of the past like the Nintendo 3DS which arrived at a steep price with very few games. Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s president said,

“We’re making sure that Wii U owners will have great games to play from the moment they open the box, and that a steady stream of fun new games is always on the way, We have something for everyone, from new franchises to creative new approaches to familiar favorites”.

This is the first time that Nintendo has offered a high definition game machine and how it fares with the gamers is yet to be seen, Nintendo has its fingers crossed till November!

Finally – Click here to check Wii U Infographic which gives you some details on GamePad Controller and Console.

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