Nirbhaya – Be Fearless says Lakshmi!

It is pleasing to see that the film industry which is blamed of teaching the wrong things to the society is helping the women of the society. Yes! Director Nagesh Kukunoor has taken it upon himself to raise his voice against the atrocities that women are subjected to.

Nirbhaya - An initiative to make everyone fearless outside their home!
Nirbhaya – An initiative to make everyone fearless outside their home!

His recent film Lakshmi in which he also stars is the proof of the same. The film takes you through the journey of Lakshmi who is forced into prostitution by circumstances. Guess who played the 14 year old Lakshmi in Kukunoor’s film? She is not a famous face but her voice has definitely made all of us dance to its tunes. She is none other than the lady who lent her voice for the song Zara Zara Touch me from the film Race – Monali Thakur!

She showed her support for the cause by inaugurating “Make your City Safe Campaign”. This was initiated by Pune based Smartcloud Infotech which also organized a two day event on women’s safety and technology. The idea to develop Nirbhaya – be fearless app took birth last year at Smartcloud Infotech. On this occasion there were eminent people like Former U.S Marine and expert in personal safety training Melissa Lee Ohm, founders of SmartCloud Infotech Gajanan Sakhare and Ajit Patil, Shabnam Asthana, Director National Executive PRCI along with a member of the core team. At the event Melissa Lee Ohm was generous enough to demonstrate on personal safety to the female students who attended the event.

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Now let me tell you the link between Kukunoor’s Lakshmi and Nirbhaya app. The makers of the app have joined hands with the film to create awareness among women in a unique way. They have decided to conduct a quiz which will allow women to speak about the problems they face every day. Before I close let us get a fair idea about the app. What makes it useful to a woman when she steps out of her safe zone? The answer is that it has certain features that immediately come to her rescue. Take a look at some of them below.

  1. Simple, Robust, Easy to Use and quick access are strengths of the App
  2. GeoLocation, and Alert messages are sent to the family friends in the time of need ensuring location being tracked
  3. Alerts can be sent in various ways like through
    • Touching SOS / Call icon in the app
    • Pressing the power button 3-4 times
    • Shake to Alert – Shake the Phone 3-4 times
    • Bluetooth device alert
  4. Geo Fence is a precautionary feature – mark your safe areas with a particular radius, your entry and exit from those areas will be informed to the contact assigned
  5. Stamp is a Social feature – to mark Safe and Unsafe areas
  6. Improved location and Alert updates are sent every 300 meters and up to 2 hours
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To me having this app seems like having the right defence technique. I’m going to install it right away… What about you? To know more visit

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