No more Nuclear Power says Germany

While the rest of the world shows excessive selfishness by craving for development, being least concerned about its after effects Germany is showing immense concern to the issue of environmental exploitation in the developmental processes. The German coalition government has recently disclosed its decision of putting an end to the use of Nuclear Power by the year 2022.

German to shutdown Nuclear Power Plants
German to shutdown Nuclear Power Plants

It has been decided by the ruling government that the country will rely on wind energy for all its needs instead! It is said that the recent Nuclear disaster in Japan has caused the Germans to take extreme precautions in this manner. They have already begun working on these decisions by cutting down five out of the nine Nuclear Energy suppliers.

Inside Story – The future of nuclear power:

Although it seems like it is an outstanding step taken to save Mother Earth this issue too has raised a number of questions like many other environment concerning ones still under discussion. Experts round the globe have divided into two groups regarding this issue. On one hand we have people demanding to know for how long is it possible for the country to survive on renewable resources where as the other group claims stability with gradual decrease. The question before Germany remains as to how the factories on one end of the country will manage to get to the other end if Mother Nature fails to cooperate! It is not practically possible to put production on a standstill just because there’s no wind……. Right?

While the world keeps shooting at Germany with its numerous quarries, it stands strong and unmoved by its decision providing continuous defense. We are yet to see what the fate of this country with an extraordinary thought will be by the year 2022!

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  1. There are so many ways to get power, why should go for Nuclear power and destroy the country like Japan.

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