Nominate your blogs for The Indian Weblog Awards 2008 by Indibloggies

The Indibloggies is back again with The Indian Weblog Awards 2008. Indibloggies, the India’s first and foremost blog awards and was successful in recognizing the outstanding bloggers has unveiled its annual nomination process for the 2008 edition. Seems this is the sixth year of the Indibloggies award. Indibloggies.

The nominations are open in 17 different award categories for Indian blogs from all around the world until 6th March 2009. And the prizes worth more than One Lakh Rupees! –  The winners will be announced in the first week of April, 2009.

Indian Weblog Awards 2008 by Indibloggies
Indian Weblog Awards 2008 by Indibloggies

Pick a category:

  1. IndiBlog of the year
  2. Best Humanities IndiBlog (IndiBlogs covering Art/Craft/Painting, Hobby, Literature, Poetry/Fiction)
  3. Best Entertainment Indiblog (blogs on Music, TV, Movies, theater & fashion)
  4. Best Sports IndiBlog
  5. Best Science/Technology IndiBlog
  6. Best IndiBlog directory/service/clique/network
  7. Best Designed IndiBlog (Blogs with original designs or with major visible customizations to existing themes)
  8. Best Food/Beverages Indiblog
  9. Most Humorous Indiblog
  10. Best Indi Podcast/Vidcast
  11. Best Travel Indiblog
  12. Best New Indiblog (IndiBloggers who began blogging on/after July 1, 2008)
  13. Best Photo Indiblog
  14. Best Personal Indiblog
  15. Best Group/Community Indiblog
  16. Best Business Indiblog
  17. Best Indi Microblog

We have nominated our blogs and under, Technology, Entertainment and Sports category. Nominate your blog now, and good luck!

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