Now BBM with Android and iOS!

Buzz and excitement, Blackberry addicts that turned away from the phone because of the dominant Android and iOS smartphone market can now revisit their actual love BBM! All hail the entry of the amazing messenger to keep connected with friends, and networks into the land of iOS and Android.

BBM for iOS and Android
BBM for iOS and Android

BlackBerry officially announced its plans to bring BBM to iOS and Android users this summer.But this is not it. The main move by the BBM inventor has been the introduction of new functionality called BBM Channels. This may be a little similar to the Google Plus circles. BBM Channels is basically a new social engagement platform within BBM that will allow people to connect with the businesses, brands, celebrities and groups they are passionate about. Sounds a little like Twitter, but through BBM.

iOS and Android to get BBM

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BBM Channels allows individuals and groups to create a dedicated channel and share information and updates with the immediacy that BBM offers. This is going to be a great experience for all BBM users, networking will be made easy, users can create channels, discover the various already present, subscribe the ones they like, participate and also Monitor engagement. Blackberry is very optimistic about the release of the BBM Channels.

What the company is clearly trying to do is take up its services up a notch. We have to appreciate their zeal and enthusiasm for not backing down and letting the smartphone world rule. The company is very persistent in its business moves with the launch of new competitive phones and now this. The BBM channels would become an experience to the iOS and Android users too, but it is still pending approval from the Apple App store and Google Play.

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