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Shemaroo Entertainment has launched 15-minute movies on BPL Mobile’s Mobile TV Service. Shemaroo is also in talks with other operators in India and Overseas to launch these movies on their networks.

These 15-minute movies on mobile phones are not teasers or highlights — they are the short version of the entire film; a refresher of timeless entertainment to be enjoyed when one is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic or taking the train back home.

‘It is still in the experimental format’, says Shemaroo Entertainment VP Hiren Gada. He adds, ‘We thought that it would be fun to have the essence of the story and movie re-edited into a linear format. The skill is in picking the right scenes’.

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While the 15-minute mobile movie is for people on the move, the effort is to connect today’s generation to these classics through a medium and format that they use everyday. However, Shemaroo now plans to go by audience reactions and feedback on various aspects. Shemaroo wanted to step onto the mobile platform some time back with their huge video content library. It is then that Shemaroo flirted with this thought of presenting linear content like themes, songs or ‘the best of’ scenes.

Adds Mr. Hiren Gada, VP Shemaroo Entertainment, ‘We expect going forward video content will become a big contributor to the mobile VAS market. Shemaroo has a huge library of video content for this mobile platform. Hence we have taken the initiative of directly tying up with telecom service providers to make our mobile content available for consumers’.

Regarding these 15-minute mobile movies, Hiren Gada, VP Shemaroo Entertainment shares his thoughts saying, ‘These movies are like ‘snacking-in-between’ meals, where one can take a break and catch glimpses of movies. Innovation – always being an ongoing process at Shemaroo – we are working with various operators to create and bring the best video experience to consumers’.

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