Nuked actually..?

News about North Korea’s nuclear tests on Monday invoked a flurry of responses from its neighbours and other countries. Though the agressive stance of North Korea towards its missile program was well known, the fact that it would simply disregard the pressure and repercussions of nuclear tests was inconceivable.

This act places North Korea in the elite category of countries with nuclear capability. But given the coutry’s volatile political and economic credence, it is a matter of worry to its neighbours and foes such as United States.

Another worrying aspect in this regard is the procurement of technology for building this nuclear establishment. North Korea’s links with AQ Khan, Pakistan’s father of nuclear programme could be one of the sources for procuring the required technology for building the nuclear base in the country.

The move also ensures that United States’s presence and role in the region gets enhanced. US had playes a secondary role in the conduct of affairs such as peace and nuclear disarmament talks and had left it to China, N Korea’s benefactor to do the intermediary’s role. But China itself being kept in the dark throws some light on the stance of North Korea towards its Nuclear programme.

Among the worried neighbours could be South Korea,which swears allegiance and proximity to United States. The bitterness fostered by US government became evident when US dubbed N Korea as a member of an ‘axis of evil’. This also means that it would play a more procactive role in the issues of the region now.

The stage is set for another US show, as has been its foreign policy till now, one of creation of a conflict followed by intervention!

A war or an attack seems improbable and North Korea using this nuclear strength would do what it had threatened to do earlier, aggression and negotiation.

This nuclear test could also lead to a nuclear arms race in the region with Japan and South Korea following suit soon.

It seems that North Korea stand is more of ” If you have power, it shows”! rather than ” With greater power comes greater responsibility”!…

What do you think??

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