Office Mobile for iPhone available for Office 365 subscribers

Office Mobile for iPhone have made their app available for the Apple App Store for free for the Office 365 subscribers. The App will be available for the Office Mobile in the USA from the 14th of June, and to the international markets in the following week.

Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone
Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone

This iPhone App enables users to view and edit Office content on-the-go, suiting the needs of the growing consumer market. By simply signing in to an Office 365 account, users can easily view and edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents from anywhere.

Office Mobile for iPhone

The App makers have been very particular about regularly updating it since its launch earlier in the year. Some of the prominent updates in features have been the introduction of Skype calling and One Note. The highlight of the App are the main features that make accessing and using Word documents super easy; users get a consistent Office experience because the formatting is not disturbed when the documents are editing and accessed. Since the app is focused on people who’re on the move, customer have quick and easy to access the Office content in the cloud on SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro. The App has been designed to work well on small screens, the Slide Navigator allows paging through PowerPoint presentations fast while Speaker Notes helps in practicing presentations on the go. The Resume Reading feature takes you to the exact point in the document where you left off on your computer so you can easily continue your work. Users can also make quick edits and share documents right from your phone with Office Mobile.

This App maybe the holy grail for the many who need their documents organized and accessible at all times during the day.

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