Olloclip 4-IN-1 Photo Lenses wants to capture the special moments!

Photographs! The gift of modern technology that allows us to capture and retain special moments with us forever. But the quality of the memory that is left with us depends on our ability to capture the picture.

Sadly not all of us have been able to achieve this with perfection. So do you have to brush up your photography skills before you take a beautiful snap of all the lovely things in the world? Not anymore! Technology today has designed the camera to adjust to your abilities. Olloclip has successfully created easy-to-use mobile photography tools that will simplify the definition of photography for both amateurs and professionals.

Introducing the olloclip 4-in-1 lens:

So now whether you are capturing amusing group shots with friends, tantalizing food photos, or stunning panoramas do it with full confidence. Your confidence in clicking a picture will be supported by olloclip 4-IN-1 Photo Lenses. Designed to enhance photography with Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 weigh less than an ounce.

The four changeable lenses are minimized in size to match the design of your phone that can comfortably sit in your pocket. A simple task can help its patented design to slight on and off whenever you wish. Similarly selecting the lens of your choice is also not difficult. All you need to do is shift the desired lens over the device’s camera. That’s it! You are all set to click a beautiful picture.

It is designed to be flexible and adjustable to any lens for the convenience of the person clicking the picture. An additional advantage is that these lenses designed in Huntington Beach, California, are crafted with advanced coated glass and multi-element optics and aircraft grade anodized aluminum. Referring to the same, founder and CEO of olloclip, Patrick O’Neill said

“We’re proud to offer a first-class photo lens solution to the millions of Samsung Galaxy Android users to explore new photographic possibilities and forms of artistic expression.”

olloclip 4-in-1 lens: In the city:

He added “The four-lens options are fun to use and make taking pictures with a smart device more enjoyable and rewarding.” Let me know introduce you to some of the interesting features of this unique device. They include:

  • Fisheye lens – change perspective with ultra-wide vision capturing approximately 180° field of view
  • Wide-Angle lens – capture it all with near double the normal field of view
  • 10x Macro lens – get detail oriented with 10X magnification with an 18mm focus distance
  • 15x Macro lens – go for the ultimate close up with 15X magnification with a 12mm focus distance
  • Colors – black lens with black clip
  • Size –  Galaxy 5 – 2.04 in. H x 2.04 in. W x 1.12 in. D
    Galaxy 4 – 1.95 in. H x 1.95 in. W x 1.07 in. D
  • Weight – less than one ounce

If you like the features and you want to give a professional touch to your photography skills then log on to and buy it today for not more than £59.99. Say cheeeeeeeeeeese!

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