OLX now available for Android App market

We’ve seen the advertisements and we’ve concluded that it’s good. OLX India is no stranger to any forward thinking Indian consumer. The website has been the go-to online classified for many. Now OLX takes it to the next level by introducing its app for Android and Mac users.

OLX.in App is available for Smartphones and Tablets
OLX.in App is available for Smartphones and Tablets

OLX Classifieds for Android is designed especially for the dynamic Indian consumer. Ads in India can be browsed freely by the users. The App makes all services of OLX available for its users in the most technological practical form. Users can search, sell, and buy products all from the on-the-go comfort of their smartphones. The key features of the product include posting ads to sell any product or service by just a click on the picture.  Due to the synchronization of the app with the phone; users can search and browse for products around them. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and personal emails accounts can be used to share ads with everyone.

OLX Mobile app TVC:

The App boasts some great features, along with the basics. The “share” option allows users to instantly share an ad with their friends on the social networking sites like Facebook. OLX app comes with an in built map integration, which helps users to change or update the location of the product easily. No matter where you are, the ease of the App comes from the fact that users can sell or buy whatever they want on the go.

The highlight advantages of the OLX App:

  1. Users can include brief summaries of products directly from their smartphones
  2. Estimate the price they want to charge for the product/service
  3. Click on the picture of the product for selling
  4. Provide contact information and update location easily
  5. Selling products becomes easier as the users stay connected via social networking sites to share anything new

The fact that OLX is not restricting the products or services for sale and purchase on the App makes it a must download. For an on-the-go user, it is crucial that the classifieds provide everything on there, and OLX helps Indian consumers achieve that. There’s no wonder that OLX is the #1 Classified App in India. It is a must download app even if you’re new to the world of online classifieds.

The OLX app for various smartphones and tablets is available for download as well as for iOS users.

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