63 Independence Day INDIA

Celebrating 62nd Indian Independence Day

As 15th August 2008 approaches, Indians prepare to celebrate the country’s 62nd Independence Day. 61 years ago on 15h August 1947, the tricolor was unfurled and India got independence from years of colonial rule. The country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru delivered the historic “Tryst with destiny” speech from the ramparts of Red Fort …

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Google Insights Search

Google Insights – A new tool for understanding search

Google has come up with another application called “Insights for Search“. As the name suggests the application deals with information regarding search keywords. What the application actually does is that when provided terms, it shows the search volume for the keywords entered from 2004 to the present. The frequencies are displayed on the world map …

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More ways to create Charts and Graphs

In continuation to our first post “Ways to create chart and graph with Javascript“, here are a few more interesting resources with which you can create good looking, colorful, customizable, and interactive charts with YUI, Open Flash Chart, TimePlot, TimePedia, Emprise Javascript Charts, and SAC Simple Accessible Charts.

Cuil and Google Search Engines

Does Cuil stand apart from Google?

A few days back the world saw another search engine CUIL.com (pronounced cool), come into being. Cuil well before its launch promised to offer something more than the leader Google. But a few days after being launched the search engine is yet to prove its claims convincingly.

Truveo Videobuzz

WittySparks wins a prize in truveo contest

The results of the Truveo contest are out and the first four positions have gone to “Mapofvideo“, “Svid“, “3Styler for Facebook” and “TechVideoBytes“. MapofVideo provides spots on the maps which when a user clicks on, they get to see videos. SVid on the other hand gives fantastic effects to the results when they are displayed.

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