Is UN an answer for Darfur?

Sudan has been torn apart by violence for quite some time. The African union forces seem to be finding the going difficult and have faltered in curbing violence which has claimed tens and thousands of lives in the country. There are two major rebel parties namely the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and […]

Exit Ruud van Nistelrooy ?

Manchester United Football club seems to be in a fix. First, rumours about Christiano Ronaldo’s switching clubs and now van Nistelrooy’s exit. For sure, the club’s prospects at the English premier league will be jolted with the departure of Ruud van Nistelrooy. So, who is expected to fill in this ace striker’s bots who has […]

Italy.. Champions World Cup 2006

Italy beat France and were crowned the world champions of football. In a match which was no less than a roller coaster ride, Italy defended terrifically and assisted by some stellar saves by the Italian goalkeeper Buffon kept the french attack in check. The French began the scoring and who better than the man who […]

Portugal Vs France…

The second semi-final match between Portugal and France is going to be played today. The two teams have their share of strengths and weaknesses but even then the match will be a closely fought one! Portugal in their arsenal has the likes of Luis Figo, the captain who has apart from his passing has a […]