India in Champion’s trophy..

The Indian team presents its challenge at the champion’s trophy with a side ailing with repercussions of experimentation and indifferent form of players. The challenger series did no great good to the members who are in the squad as the ones out of form continued with their lacklustre performance. Sadly, the prolific run scorers such […]

Bin Laden.. Lost and found!?

As the news regarding Osama Bin Laden’s death began to trickle in from different news sources, it stirred a hornet’s nest on the political as well as the diplomatic front. Whereas the french foreign intelligence indicated the death of Bin Laden, Us and france did not confirm the same. These reports were also denied by […]

Australians champions of DLF cup…

Australians defeated Windies by a comprehensive margin and proved once again the kind of stuff they are made up of-Quality. Although they began the tournament on a scratchy note, they quickly pulled up their bootstraps after their defeat at the hands of the West Indies. What followed thereafter was a well oiled unit performing ‘near […]

Saved by elements..?

The Indians team showed what they are made of of inn today’s Australia Vs india cricket match- Uncertainity! This one thing draws a line and separates the champions from the commoners.. The team again put up an erratic bowling performance in the first half of the match. The seamers despite knowing waht was expected from […]

What ails Sania’s game?

Sania Mirza made an early exit from another grand slam tournament, another addition in the list which has been increasing for some time now. Itís the same story which is being repeated by her. Watch her play and one gets an impression of a player swelling with talent standing at the doorstep of success. But […]

Planet disaster..

The movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ gave its audience an impression of the impending disaster and doom awaiting makind.If we see the present state of affairs, we could say that we are heading in the same direction. Numerous incidents and events bear a testimony to this. The recent floods in Barmer, the desert state of […]