Terror stalks cricket..?

The repercussions of terrorism were felt in Sri Lanka when a bomb intended for a Pakistani bureaucrat exploded. The catch here being was that although it was intended for someone, it created ripples in some other sphere- Cricket. The sad part of this blast apart from the casualties was that it was Cricket, as a […]

Rural consumer reserach

ITC’s e-Choupal and Intellect, the research and technologies wing of Lintas Media Group, have joined hands to launch Bharat Barometer � the primary information source of all aspects of rural consumer behaviour. The Bharat Barometer is a highly potent research channel for exploring various rural consumer and market matters.

Britain foils terror plans…

Britain foiled the plans of a massive terror attack plan which was being ‘dry run’ and enlightened the world and those fighting terrorism about the constant threat terrorists and terrorism poses to innocent civilians around the world. The plans were foiled owing to stringent intelligence networks and world class supervisory appratus in place which again […]

Is UN an answer for Darfur?

Sudan has been torn apart by violence for quite some time. The African union forces seem to be finding the going difficult and have faltered in curbing violence which has claimed tens and thousands of lives in the country. There are two major rebel parties namely the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and […]

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