dth = freedom..?

The recent launch of DTH services by major players such as Tata Sky and Reliance Bluemagic is certainly good news for the Indian media industry. In a way, it could imply freedom to viewers on several fronts, pertaining to numerous aspects such as choice and quality. This move certainly would enable the viewer to call […]

Nuked actually..?

News about North Korea’s nuclear tests on Monday invoked a flurry of responses from its neighbours and other countries. Though the agressive stance of North Korea towards its missile program was well known, the fact that it would simply disregard the pressure and repercussions of nuclear tests was inconceivable. This act places North Korea in […]

India in Champion’s trophy..

The Indian team presents its challenge at the champion’s trophy with a side ailing with repercussions of experimentation and indifferent form of players. The challenger series did no great good to the members who are in the squad as the ones out of form continued with their lacklustre performance. Sadly, the prolific run scorers such […]