Palm Top Theater brings 3D display on your iPhone

Optical illusions have always been any human beings fascination, and the Palm Top Theater curbs all technological curiosities building a tiny 3D theater for your iPhone. The Palm Top Theater,is basically an iPhone case that turns smartphone videos into a miniature 3D viewing experience.

Palm Top Theater - 3D Display for iPhone
Palm Top Theater – 3D Display for iPhone

The idea is to enhance viewing to a very small scale, but keeping everything exciting in the 3D look. The peripheral utilizes three small drop down displays — the rear is a full mirror with two half mirrors in front it, reflecting images from the phone display into what appears to be a three-dimension object — and really, it a stunning little effect. A totally well researched optical system now for the iPhone.

Palm Top Theater is available for around $33.95; which is pretty reasonable for may of the iPhone users. The product requires usage of a proprietary file format that basically splits the displayed image or video into three parts.The company is hence producing simple videos for users to understand the concept, they are also providing a converter app to customize footage.

Palm Top Theater

Even though the viewing of the 3D image is mainly aimed at the single user, the product seems to be ahead in technology, for those who just can’t resist great technological experiences out of their iPhones go ahead and enjoy the 3D. It will be safe to say however, that within a couple of months someone will come out with a larger display of 3D fun for the users!

Information Source: Engadget

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