Pandora Flexible Laptop PC is all we need

So our gizmos have taken over our soles, we’re officially slaves of the tech world. Making each gadget practical and portable was the initial aim, but the world we live in, we need to flex things out Pandora style!

PANDORA - Portable Pouch-Type - Flexible Display Note PC Concept
PANDORA – Portable Pouch-Type – Flexible Display Note PC Concept

Lets just get to the point, a flexible PC designed by Jeabyun Yeon is the talk of the town. This concept focuses on making life easier than ever before, the design of the PC is such that it’s convenient to carry, and has an easy grip (very important when your gizmo costs more than your monthly pay).

The product is slimmer than our tablets and possess thin flexible battery technologies as well. It is the next generation of PCs. The fun gizmo measures only 9mm in thickness. The design has been carefully crafted with materials like porous grapheme materials, high polymer and silicon on the hinge part

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The bloggers love it, tech lovers are going gaa gaa, but the question is; are we moving too forward and trying to make life easier than it needs to be?. Is the next of the gen-next PC going to be fold-able? Come to think of it, that would be exciting!

Source: PANDORA / Flexible Display Note PC Concept , 2012

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