Paris Hilton – A wise Businesswoman

One of the core concepts of marketing among others like a product, services, ideas, and organizations; is that of a person. A personality is a product that needs to be marketing in order to become a business entity- a brand. A super example of this is Paris Hilton.

The various Avatars of Paris Hilton
The various Avatars of Paris Hilton

One would think the blonde young girls from the social scene are not that brainy, but the fact is they may not be great in many intellectual areas, but they definitely know how to sell themselves as a brand and cash on it. Paris started off as a model and since then added an array of credentials to her portfolio; she’s now a businesswoman, an actress, a musician, fashion designer, and the latest a DJ.

Paris Hilton Defines her brand

Yes DJ, Paris Hilton is visiting Goa, India to play DJ. The socialite aged 31 had visited India in 2011 to promote her new handbag line, and she definitely did see business potential in the country. India is the land of opportunities, opportunities to start new, or just expand. And when you’re Paris Hilton and everyone wants to get a piece of you, there’s no doubt you won’t make it big in a market that looks up the west for inspiration.

The business lesson to be learned: Never underestimate a celebrity’s capability to strike on an opportunity. They know the ins and outs of the business, how to manipulate the minds of the consumers and fans, the end motive is money- a lot of money!

Don’t mean to sound negative, it’s all good when it comes to working hard; no one is getting anything without putting their time and energy into it. It just gets easy when you’re already famous and your brand has already been accepted by the consumers.

While there may be many contemplating her business moves, and talent with regard to the various ventures she’s taken up, Paris Hilton is a classic example of being wise with her name. She will keep the interest going by trying out various different things in order to keep the customers interested, positively, or negatively. Brand management is the essence of celebrity ship.

It is the most important concept for any other business too, but since socialites like Paris Hilton put themselves on the line, when their businesses fail they fail as a person too. In other words, it is easier to start up another business that is a commodity than try to change your life and re-write all your actions, which is basically impossible. Here in this situation, you are playing with the minds of the consumers if they like you, they will like everything you do, and vice-versa.

Who knew Paris Hilton typo personalities could be role models for many aspiring businessmen and women. Liking someone’s personality and getting down to their personal lives to judge them is a whole another topic altogether. The fact at the end of the day is that she’s doing what she loves and with a profit. That is a successful businesswoman.

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