Parke jeans bringing a technological revolution in the denim world!

Parke, NY is an online luxury clothing brand which offers a line of premium denim jeans for men and women. A good pair of jeans is really hard to find and if you’re a jeans fanatic then you know what I’m talking about! Your favorite pair which wear every chance you get so much so that it seems to be super glued to your body and which cost you a bomb gets a hole, end result, devastated!

Parke New York - Denim Jeans - Online Luxury Clothing Brand
Parke New York – Denim Jeans – Online Luxury Clothing Brand

Solomon liou encountered the same situation and decided to do something about it and ended up with Parke, an online luxury clothing brand which offer a line of premium denim jeans for men and women.

So what’s so different about these jeans you might ask? Its premium jeans with highly durable selvedge denim and innovative stretch technology for advanced comfort and fit, that’s how they’re marketing themselves on their Kickstarter page which also makes Parke the most successful crowd-funded denim company. Throughout 2012 they launched a successful line of selvedge stretch jeans which cost $125 each and they’ve raised over $90,000 on Kickstarter from over 600 customers and completed their funding successfully. The jeans feature a sanforized, selvedge stretch denim from Cone Mills, North Carolina. It’s an uncommon feature but the brand sets itself apart with the technical details by the use of uniquely patented bi-directional fabric with multiple stretch components in core spun yarns. In less complex terms it means that the fabric is designed to adapt to your body movements throughout the day and mold itself accordingly.

Liou designed the denim line out of his own frustration for a good product and without any formal education in fashion he began working with local craftsmen and denim experts in New York to come up with superior products using high quality fabric, artisan craftsmanship and exceptional fit. “Prior to WW II, this is how most denim was made”, he told The jeans are available in three different fits for both men and women. For men there are slim, regular and relaxed fits available whereas for women there’s slim straight legged, slim tapered legged and boot cut fits.

The range appeals to people with a passion for selvedge denim but also to novice who are buying it for the first time. The premium jeans are available online-only so as to cut overheads of marketing and middlemen and the prices are down 50% when compared to traditional premium denim prices. Thus Liou and his team hope to expand their brand to a larger audience. They’re officially launching in July 2013 but be sure to check out the entire collection and their inspiring story on

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