Part Time MBA Courses – A Good Investment for Career Progression or Not?

Students intending to study business administration can either enroll in a full time course that usually takes two years to complete or a part time course that may typically take a year more. Normally part time MBA courses are taken by working professionals who wish to leverage an additional academic qualification to further their careers without taking time out from their employment. Because institutes recognize that there are competing pressures on students studying management part time, the courses are usually spread over a longer period of time and students can choose to earn the necessary credits in as many as five years.

As most of the students of part time management courses have practical experience there could be some modules that are taught in the full time courses that are left out, however there are no hard and fast rules.Typically all the MBA specializations that are available in full time courses are options that students of part time courses can take up. Eligibility requirements are the same as that required for the full time courses and selection is done on the basis of a combination of written tests, essays, resumes, and letters of recommendation.

Continue Working While Acquiring an MBA

One of the most compelling reasons why you should opt for a part time MBA course is that you can continue to work. This comes in very handy in case you are already working in a job that provides a good remuneration as you are not out in the cold competing with thousands of other candidate for a job when the course is over. Not only will you be able to afford your fees but also your family will not have to bear with any hardship while you are studying, and further there will be no service break with your current employer. Often employers are willing to fund the fees as they would like employees to become better qualified and be in a position to take on additional responsibilities.

Flexibility in Class and Exam Timings

Undergoing a part time MBA does not entail your taking leave as the class timings are extremely flexible and are usually held in the evenings to enable working professionals to attend after putting in a full day at office. The examinations too are normally scheduled for the weekends so that the students do not have to deal with clashing work schedules.

Better Career Progress

Attending a part time MBA course is a good way of not only acquiring an additional academic qualification but also a demonstration of your energy and dynamism to your employer that you are willing to put in the extra effort that is required to make better progress with your career. Many companies include promotions with better pay scales for candidates acquiring qualifications that are relevant to the job profiles. If you think that your current employer does not provide a fast career growth, the MBA will certainly open up better job prospects for you.

Why Part Time MBA Courses Are Not Suited For All?

Before jumping in to join a part time MBA course it is important to appreciate that you will need to successfully meet your daily job demands, put in the required class hours and also study at home for long for at least three years. Working professionals will need to be able to deal with the expectations from the family members, who may become disenchanted with your inability to spend time with them or attend family functions. You will also need to forsake your social life for this period as the daily schedule can be quite hectic.

If your job requires you to be frequently on tour then attending apart time MBA course may not be practical. If your employer is funding the fees or giving you special privileges for enabling you to enroll for the part time MBA course, then you may be required to execute a bond that requires you to spend a minimum period of time with them.

Published by Sujain Thomas

Sujain Thomas is the head of human resources in a prominent information technology company that hires a large number of students from campuses. A deep sea fishing enthusiast, she is frequently called by colleges offering MBAs to provide career counseling to students.

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