pForm – Free HTML Form Builder

Just a day back I wrote about the Formee – A CSS HTML Forms Framework, thats really cool framework available for download and can change the appearance if you know HTML and CSS. By taking this framework we have to create our own forms based on our requirements, and should use some HTML editors to do that and it can only be done by a good programmer.

pForm - Free HTML Form Builder
pForm - Free HTML Form Builder

What if you don’t have a knowledge of programming?

Can you build the forms which you are planning to have in your site by your own?

Without consulting or hiring programmer?

pForm says Yes to all the above questions. pForm is a Free HTML Form Builder, one can easily create HTML forms based on your requirements which you want to plugin in your site without much knowledge of HTML programming or CSS.

Yes, they have got couple of cool and colorful templates to choose from, you just need to select a ready-made colored templates which will match to your site look n feel and you can create your own form by even Adding Fields like Text, Paragraph, Check-boxes, Radio-buttons, Time and Date Picker and you can even add File Upload features etc. based on your requirements. And there is in option to change each and every form fields properties, also you can edit the form properties.

Once you are done with all the above steps just click on Save Form – that’s it your form is ready for download. And yes they are just simple CSS and HTML based Forms, you have to plug your own back-end programming to make it work further. And if you are really looking out for something which can even does the database functionality? – they have got an another service called MachForm which is more fastest way to create web forms and collect the results in database and that too without writing a single line of code.

MachForm is an intuitive, browser based, self-hosted HTML form builder program. Designed as a modern HTML form builder, it makes use of the latest web technologies like AJAX, CSS, and Javascript to provide a fluid browser based experience. MachForm provides you a full PHP source code with beautiful forms which are self hosted and are spam protected (anti-spam).

So what are you waiting for – just try out their pForm and MachForm and save your valuable time.

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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  1. Where do the submissions go with pForm? I can easily embed the HTML code on the current website, but once a form is filled out, where does the info go? To pForm, to my email? Also, are there any ads?

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