Philips shows us an undiscovered aspect of Light!

We are all aware of the fact that light enables us to see the world and appreciate its beauty. But the world famous Philips Company has something more to tell us about light!

The Photon Project
The Photon Project

An independent report published on the 19th of September by PSFK Labs reveals the ability of light to give us greater health, well being, sustainability and economic benefits! Isn’t that amazing? I’m sure no one in this world could think of something like this before. This is not a random declaration friends! The announcement has been made only after expert interviews and more than 50 case studies have confirmed it.

Speaking of the same Rogier van der Heide, Vice President and Chief Design Officer, Philips Lighting says “We are at the forefront of a digital revolution in lighting. As part of our commitment to creating a healthier and more sustainable world, Philips will continue to shape the future in lighting. Our insights, expertise and ground-breaking innovations create a positive impact on people’s lives and help our partners realize their vision. The ‘Future of Light’ is a fascinating opening salvo – and will bear fruit over the coming years as people take inspiration from the report.”

The report summarizes 12 trends which have been grouped into four themes showing the way lighting can be used to create experiences, tell stories, convey information and promote wellness. It is available on, and accessible as a SlideShare slide show and as an iOS or Android app. The innovation of Philips has reached that level that it collectively demonstrates the numerous benefits of light, ranging from healthy sleep patterns and feelings of safety, through to macro issues, including the readdress of resource scarcity and climate change.

Earlier too Philips has given us some amazing technologies keeping in mind the aspect of human health. Some of them are Philips CityTouch which helps cities deliver intelligent public lighting, Philips’ SchoolVision and Healwell solutions, both proven to have a positive impact on people’s physical and emotional states, and Philips Hue, the smart connected LED bulb which in a paradigm shift in experiencing light at home. On a closing note Piers Fawkes, President & Founder, PSFK said “Light’s importance in daily life cannot be overstated. It has the ability to enhance feelings of well-being, build vibrant communities or set the stage for a grand reveal, yet it is often only noticed in its absence. With this report, PSFK showcases the vast potential that light has to positively impact people’s lives across the globe,”

The Photon Project Infographic
The Photon Project Infographic

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