Photographer Vikram Bawa to present Fashion film at LIFW 2014

You might have seen and clicked a lot of beautiful photographs but it cannot be better than Vikram Bawa’s photo’s. You could ask me why. I’ll have to answer this question in two parts. Firstly this is because no photographer can have Vikram’s perspective and secondly because not everyone is lucky enough to get jewellery designer Queenie Singh as their subject.

At the first day of the Lakme India Fashion Week Summer 2014 that is to be held on 12th of March you will see the beautiful Queenie Singh under VikramBawa’s lenses. At the event chaired byChaired by Anaita Shroff, Fashion Director of Vogue, and renowned jewellery designer Queenie Singh, Vikram will be seen talking about his special film and much more.

This event has been called an attempt to create awareness about the fashion films that usually don’t find huge audience as the commercial ones. Let us now dedicate the rest of this article in understanding the people I mentioned above. VikramBawa’s photography has not received appreciation by sheer luck but it has a glorious past behind it.

Being a specialist in advertising and fashion photography he proved his excellence to the world when one of his earlier films had been nominated for the Phalke award at the Dada SahebPhalke film festival 2012. He also went on to benamed among the Best Advertising photographers worldwide by the esteemed international publication, Lurzer’s Archive (2010-2011). That’s an achievement worth applause don’t you think?

Moving on to the next person on the list it has been 10 years since Queenie Singh has been successfully running her jewellery brand Jewels by Queenie. She proudly announced the celebration of a successful decade last year. The last person on our list need not be underestimated in comparison to the people mentioned earlier. She manages working as fashion stylist and costume designer for the hindi film industry with unmatched grace. These people surely have a lot to inspire us with. What say?

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