Pickadate.js – jQuery mobile friendly and lightweight date picker!

Pickadate.js - A mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight jQuery date picker

As usual, I always look for better and lightweight UI widgets, I have come across this jQuery plugin Pickadate.js calendar or a date picker widget long back but just used it today, and working on this Pickadate.js was very handy and is totally customizable.

Pickadate.js is pretty lightweight and is just a 9.6kb min version and a 4.0kb gzipped version.

Suggestion: Would have been great if Pickadate.js developers work on it further to include swipe features, like if I swipe horizontally from left to right or right to left in mobile or tablet – it should

switch months instead of clicking on month previous and next arrows.

Following are the advanced customized options you could try and this code is pretty developer-friendly too:

  • Any language support
  • Custom date formats
  • Custom format parsing
  • Custom month and weekday tags
  • Today and clear buttons
  • Set Monday as the first day
  • Month and year dropdowns
  • Minimum and maximum date range
  • Disable arbitrary dates
  • Disable days of the week
  • Disable all dates.. except some
  • Disable picker for native calendar
  • Do stuff on calendar events
  • Ability to select a date range
  • Ability to launch or display calendar inline
  • Comes with Default and Classic themes and can easily create custom themes

and more you could do or customize by using their pickadate.js API which contains five basic events onStart, onOpen, onSelect, onClose, onRender.

Worth trying this cool Pickadate.JS and let us know your experience on customizing it.

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