POP – Prototyping On Paper – an iPhone App which simulate prototypes!

Just came across POP – Protoryping on paper, which can be involved in process while preparing fast prototypes and share with the team quickly. Yes you heard it right, this tiny iPhone app POP can make prototyping easy. There are many tools available out there like Proto.io and more but POP is different from all the other tools. POP can simulate your low fidelity prototypes drawn on paper quickly by just taking a pictures of all your step wise prototypes and then simulate or create a storyboard by just linking your sketches together with “link spots”, press play and simulate your user interface to make sure everything flows correctly – the concept is same as that we do either in Dreamweaver or in Fireworks to link pages etc.

iPhone App - POP - Prototyping On Paper
iPhone App – POP – Prototyping On Paper

But Dreamweaver or Fireworks or other tools require a little expertise or knowledge of using the tools or requires a programming knowledge etc. Where as POP needs no expertise to use that application in your handy iPhone, it is very simple to use and user-friendly. I am sure this will be an handy app for wire-frame designers, user interface experts who layout the flow of application or a website etc.

Apart from simulating the prototypes, one can share the prototype with colleagues and friends who can check the click-thru in their iPhone or iPad or in any other web browsers. They can even comment or give feedback’s on your prototype – as these plays a key role in improving your prototypes.

You can just download POP – Prototyping on paper from the following iTunes page.

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