Premiere of STRAIGHT

Recently , Vinay Pathak, Gulpanag, Anuj Choudhary and Parvati Bala gopalan were in the capital for the premiere so their film ‘Straight– Pinu Patel Ki Tedhi Medhi Love Story!!

The film is produced by IDreams Productions; producer Asish bhatnagar was also present.

Vinay said, “When I heard the first sentence of the story, I decided that I will do it. I always look for freshness in the script and something different than usual , that what is Straight about.”

Vinay Pathak, Gul Panag, Anuj Chaudhary

He said, “‘Straight!!’ is a funny tale about Pinu, who struggles with himself, his fears and his complexes, to ‘come out’ as straight and find himself a love story..It was a great experience working with her and Gulpanag.”

Parvati added’ “Not at all, gay is not the issue of my film. Pinu runs a restaurant he is a 40 yrs. Old bachelor, till date is not in a relation with any girl. A girl and boy which are his employ fall in love and then he started having the doubt that is he a “Gay”.

The story is in the midst of central London, a successful Indian restaurant called ‘Gaylord’ is run by a Londoner of Indian origin called Pinu. A simple soul at heart, Pinu has many complexes – a special one being that he is a virgin and has experienced no intimacy with a woman. To top that, his biggest fear is to be laughed at by people… an ever-repeating phenomenon with him. Pinu is quite an introvert and has no real friends…the closest he has ever gotten to a friendship is with his foster brother rajat, who is quite a contrast to his own personality –A casual air about him, he is the lead singer of a rock band. Rajat is very fond of pinu, though is often a source of annoyance to him as he finds pinu really funny.

Achla Sachdev, Gul Panag, Parvati Balagopalan, Vinay Pathak, Anuj Chaudhary

One day, a young Indian fellow called Kamlesh comes to his restaurant and asks for a job as a stand-up comedian. Quite thrown off, Pinu initially refuses but finally lets him join as a cook, who also does a stand-up act in the evenings. On the same day, he hires a new cashier – Renu, a young art student from India, who has a passion for caricatures. Life changes dramatically for Pinu as Gaylord begins to transform… Renu works on the look of the place, makes cheerful caricatures for customers while Kamles is a fabulous cook with a great talent for making people laugh in his acts and soon the restaurant is more happening and the business is much better. But the greatest difference they bring to his life is friendship. There is a visible difference in pinu’s personality now as he lets himself hang out a bit with them.

One fine day, Pinu is thrown in to a daze as he walks away from the restaurant …he has discovered a totally new fear – he might be Gay!!

Pinu seeks refuge in Rajat’s advice which is quite simply – screw a woman!

Achla Sachdev, Gul Panag, Anuj Chaudhary & Ashish Bhatnagar

On a mission now, Pinu goes on a rampage seeking available women for a sexual rendezvous. However, it leads to him suffering another string of tragicomic situations, ending up feeling humiliated… and laughed at!

Finally he found his love and realized that Renu is the girl whom he love.

“Vinay was great to work with. It was great experience.It was the first such character that I have done.”, said Gulpanag.

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