Presenting the Mobility Award winner – Smaato!

To receive an award is a prestigious thing and a memory that helps you hold your head up in pride for the rest of your life. Smaato, the leading mobile RTB ad exchange and ad optimization platform for fast-growing application developers, is going through a similar phase right now. It has been awarded, a 2013 Mobility Award for Mobile Advertising as Best Mobile Ad Network by MobileTrax, a leading mobile and wireless industry analyst firm.

Smaato bags the mobility award
Smaato bags the mobility award

Can you guess where this historical incident took place? Its at the world’s most happening place – Las Vegas!

The Mobility Award was given after screening 61 industry-leading press and analysts who cover the mobile and wireless market. You could ask why Smaato and not the others. The answer lies in the fact that it has the advantage of 7 years of experience in this sector. This automatically guaranteed easy demand side platform (DSP) integration through its connections to 40 DSPs and more than 90 ad networks. I don’t think you need more of a reason than this to see why it has been chosen for this prestigious award. Let us now hear from the proud owners of the Smaato.

“The Mobility awards have honored the brightest innovators in mobile computing and wireless data communications products and services for the past 17 years, “

said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst with MobileTrax, LLC. “Again, this year there was stiff competition for the Mobile Ad Networks category and we congratulate Smaato for standing out in the market with its RTB exchange offering.” Ragnar Kruse, CEO and co-founder, Smaato, said “Winning this award is a real achievement in such a crowded mobile advertising market. Smaato’s recognition of its global leadership and Real time Bidding (RTB) expertise is a validation for our strong technology investment and global focus.” Towards the end let us congratulate Smaato for its achievement wish for lot more success in the years to come.

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