Presstomatic App: the new way to scrapbook life via iPhone and iPad

Presstomatic - Create your own social and collaborative scrapbooks - Free on iPhone and iPad

The most fun part about great apps is when they’re free and available in upgraded versions. The Presstomatic app is now officially universal and free!. It is the ultimate scrapbooking app available and well, who doesn’t like creating memories and personalizing them?

Presstomatic is a photo-centric, mobile blogging platform that accumulates a user’s creations in a functional package that can be shared publicly or with just a few friends. The proper display is everything when you’re trying to collage pictures and make memories. Users can also organize their favorite photos, videos, and stories into individual “books” which make them easy to access and fun to share with family and friends.

The key features of the app are not only special but unique on many levels. The app allows Collaborative Album making, wherein the user can invite people to give their own input into a particular book. The books once created can be shared publically or privately.

The Presstomatic app also provides cloud storage; all books are stored in the cloud so that the content is always safe, and available on other iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. The company also is working on providing extra storage as mentioned on their website.

Other than the above fab features, the app also provides users with options to design their own books covers, share their books on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail, create a “community” book that any user can contribute to.

Viewing options are also pretty organized, which is essential if you’re the kind who likes to really maintain memories well, users can view their books in a timeline format, Tag locations of the books, you can also like and comment on favorite posts.

The app definitely provides a great deal of variety to its users, personalization at any level is welcomed by tech-driven users, especially the younger generation.

Just like every other app, you have to create an account and after logging in, you can choose to make a book or browse through the public library. Creating a new book requires a few simple steps, like entering a title, description, category, etc. Users can also choose from a wide array of established categories for their book.

The designing all starts from selecting a photo or design cover for the book, there are 8 color templates available to choose from, and from then on it’s all about getting creative with fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.

Once the image is added the user can personalize it with headers, captions, etc., videos also can be posted within the same book. It’s almost like blogging, but in a more fun on-the-go manner, with a large variety of image and video content.

The app definitely has potential not only in creating fun books as hobbies, but also for teachers or students to make their own books, and reference content, which can be shared amongst teachers, students, friends, etc.

In a world that is moving faster than ever before, being able to scrapbook life could not have gotten easier and organized. Not many have the time to sit and physically make them even if they want to, and with the zillion pics we take for our social network updates it’s great to now be able to organize them into tiny memories.

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