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As the name suggests, Quick Gun Murugun has a hero bearing semblance to cowboy of the West, firing from his pistol in a bid to defeat evil. Well, if you thought that shooting was all that the movie offers, then you would be mistaken. It is a spoof that borrows some typical cliches’ from the movies of yesteryears and ‘tries’ to weave a ‘funny’ story around the same thereby giving the viewer an impression of light movie with a touch of the Channel V or MTV kind of a promo stretched for an hour and a half! So a suggestion to those who wish to watch Quick Gun Murugun, leave your brains at home when you go to watch this movie!

Quick Gun Murugun Videos
Quick Gun Murugun Videos

Quick Gun Murugun – Trailer – Watch More Videos of Quick Gun Murugun

The movie’s star cast has Dr. Rajendraprasad who plays Quick Gun Murugun and lives up to the role pretty well. Then there is Nasser who plays the lead villain and Rambha who plays Mango Dolly along with Anu Menon (Lola Kutty). The plot is silly by its kind ( being a spoof) and meanders in all possible directions!. The special effects, garish and bright dresses and a few dialogues in between make it slightly humorous. The odd humor in between gives the impression of little ‘eddies’ in the middle of a lake of drag! The second half of the movie becomes a little monotonous and the catchy phrases and effects slowly begin to fade away.

The actors have done justice to their respective characters in the movie and one should give credit to Dr. Rajendra Prasad to have played the character and carried it well. In the end, it would be fair enough to say that the movie could be taken as a ‘refresh’ item in the current times but falls short by some distance to meet the expectations.

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