Rajinikanth excels in Enthiran as Robot

Call it Enthiran in Tamil or Robot in Hindi or Robo in Telugu, the movie has been successful in creating magic all over the world. Superstar Rajinikanth’s magic has worked once again and Enthiran / Robot / Robo has created waves across the country. The movie has received praise from different quarters for the use of graphics which is as good as any Hollywood movie.

Robot or Robo or Enthiran or Endhiran Rajinikanth Movie Review
Robot or Robo or Enthiran or Endhiran Rajinikanth Movie Review

The movie dubbed version in Hindi – Robot is also doing well. So, what makes Endhiran or Enthiran / Robot / Robo special?

Well, there are three aspects to this:

  1. The presence of iconic actor Rajinikanth
  2. The money spent for technology and graphics
  3. A different story

After Sivaji :The Boss, which also went on to become a super-hit in 2007, fans around the world were looking forward to another blockbuster from this superstar. So, the pent up expectations of the fans played a significant role in the rousing reception which Enthiran received in South, especially Tamilnadu where Rajinikanth has attained a cult status.

The next aspect which the movie provided as a novelty was the graphics. The team to supervise the graphics and visual elements comprised the likes of Hollywood stunt director Yuen Woo Ping who to his credit had movies like The Matrix in the past. Also, at a promotional event in Mumbai the director shared an unexpected truth with the press that most of the graphics in the movie involved  locals who worked for him. The movie made use of animatronics technology to good effect. The technology in the past has been used in movies like Avatar (directed by James Cameron) which created a box office record with its collections in the opening week itself! Director Shankar teamed with Superstar Rajinikanth for the second time after Sivaji:The Boss in 2007.

One would also have to commend the make up of characters in Enthiran / Robot. Credit would have to be given to Bhanu who gave a new look to the characters of Rajinikant in the movie. In particular, it was the appearance of the robot which left the audience enraptured and spell bound that the makeup artist would have to be given credit for. Different approach like ‘ peel off mask’ and inspiration from comics for getup’s were taken to arrive on the looks of Chitti -the good robot as well as the evil robot. For more on this read Man behind Rajni’s looks & Can Endhiran The Robot compete with Avatar?.

Rajinikanth fans across the country received the movie in grand and rousing style. Several life size posters of the superstar were put up in different cities in south before the release of the movie. Posters were garlanded and milk was offered as a means to pray for the success of the movie. Crackers were exploded in different theaters on the first day first show of the movie. The movie was released as early as 5:00 a.m. in Chennai and is running back to back shows in several cities including Chennai. One of the fans said that audiences were given whistles (to blow) and flowers to welcome every time Rajinikanth made an appearance in the movie!

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Director Shankar has done every possible thing to make it an extraordinary experience for the audience which includes the cast, story, music and graphics. And the icing on the cake for the fans was to see Rajinikanth in a double role. The fact that this film has managed to attract audience other than his fans proves that it is a must watch for all those who appreciate good cinema.

The cast of the film is one of its attractions. With Rajinikanth and Aishwariya Rai Bachchan in the lead roles the audience didn’t need anything else to drive them to the theaters. Director Shankar revealed in an interview that he had initially approached Amitabh Bachchan to play the bad guy, but with Mr Bachchan’s refusal to play the role for reasons unknown Danny Denzongpa grabbed the opportunity.

Robot took 2 years to be completed but finally its makers are satisfied that the hard work has paid off. They are proud of the fact that their creation has a collection of a 100 crores and is still expected to increase. Its sound track has reached the top of the list of iTunes in the US and UK. This was inevitable as the music for this film was given by none other than A.R Rahman. With so much of perfection and so many attractive elements to it this film could be nothing but a super hit.

So, have  you seen Enthiran / Robot?

Some trailers and clips from the movie:

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  1. This is really a good progress in Indian Films – a must watch movie….. Rajnikanth is the only one who can do this role…..

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