Rakhi ka Swayamwar.. marriage with a difference?

“All publicity is good publicity” goes a saying and the show Rakhi ka Swayamwar is no exception! Everyone has something to gain out of this show, be it , the producers, viewers or Rakhi herself! The Producers are happy as the show has emerged as a revenue spinner and has one with the highest TRP ratings for NDTV Imagine. The viewers are happy too as they get sneak peek all that’s ‘happening’ inĀ  Rakhi Sawant’s life.

Rakhi Ka Swayamwar
Rakhi Ka Swayamwar

As for Rakhi, she has all the reasons in the world to rejoice as she gets to pick a suitable match for herself with loads of publicity! For a viewer, who seeks something different from the soaps and the usual stuff being aired on general entertainment channel, the show comes across as different ( for different reasons!) But then when one thinks of why is the show popular, the answer may not be all that easy!

When one thinks of Rakhi Sawant, the images that cross the mind is that of a candid lady who speaks her mind out loud bereft of poise and elan’. So how come a ‘sea change’ in Rakhi’s demeanor?Well,it could be due to the theme of the show which revolves around marriage and in this context, a woman’s grace and comes across as a major aspect. So, when Rakhi’s natural behavior is juxtaposed with the nature of the show, the latter reigns on the former. This perhaps could be one of the reasons of this change!

The format of the show is quite interesting nonetheless. There are suitors seeking looking to woo Rakhi and Rakhi through various yardsticks (tasks) gets to decide on her suitor! The show has already seen eliminations of two prospective suitors. Also, there is no dearth of spicy content on the show which is grabbing eye-balls for sure! What is interesting is the fact that the aspect which are fairly personal and close in the institution of marriage (considered sacrilegious) have been come out of the closet. This has made Rakhi popular for sure but also raises questions about how far is it genuine and tailored to cater to an audience that is hungry for content that lifts them from the mediocrity of their mundane lives.

Public memory is short lived so perhaps once the swayamwar is done with, people might forget the entire episode. What this show would leave behind is a new trend in entertainment landscape which has also seen the likes Sach ka Samna explode on Star Plus To pry deeper into people’s lives.

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