Ram Gopal Varma gears up to scare people with Bhoot Returns!

It’s an era of remakes and sequels, so how could director Ram Gopal Varma be left behind? RGV as he’s popularly called in the industry is all set to scare us with a sequel to his film Bhoot released way back in the year 2003. Much like all other sequels of the present day, RGV too calls his sequel Bhoot Returns. This time the popular director has decided to use the digital platform to help his film reach the audience.

Ram Gopal Varma goes digital with Bhoot Returns
Ram Gopal Varma goes digital with Bhoot Returns

This he did by presenting us with a few videos captured on a CCTV showing us some paranormal events. These videos as RGV expected got people gossiping about Bhoot Returns even before the film could release. Another interesting factor about these videos is that they were released at 06.06.06 pm. Ask the director why this time in specific and he says it’s just an innovative and a strategic way of promotion.

None of the actors in Bhoot have been retained to play lead roles in its sequel. Instead Bhoot Returns will see six year old Alayna playing the protagonist while actress Manisha Koirala has been roped in to play her mother. Now we have to see if Bhoot Returns brings success to the director or leaves him disappointed like his recent releases. All the best RGV!

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